Periodontal Therapy Overview

The most important service any dentist or physician can offer is a thorough examination, diagnosis of the existing conditions, determination of the etiology or cause of the abnormal condition and a treatment plan that serves the short-range and long-range needs of the patient. Before any therapy is provided in our office, a thorough examination is done.

Successful periodontal therapy has two components. First, the periodontal infection must be thoroughly and completely cleaned out and the individual patient has to have the knowledge, tools and skills to be used on a daily basis necessary to prevent the infection from returning. Although in theory, this sounds simple, it requires the services of well-trained and highly skilled dental professionals, dedicated to being good teachers, so that you, the patient, can acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain health once it is achieved. Being able to do this properly is critical in controlling periodontal disease. We are proud to have such dedicated, highly skilled individuals in our practice.

Oral Hygiene Instruction

The cornerstone of a prevention-oriented periodontal practice is oral hygiene instruction in an effective, yet non-traumatic technique. It is not glamorous. It is not highly stressed in many dental educational institutions and it is rarely paid for by dental insurance plans, but we are passionate in our belief that without it, nearly all periodontal therapy fails, sooner rather than later.

Our teaching method has a track record of effectiveness in maintaining periodontal health, dating back to 1988. Not only is what we teach appropriate for our periodontal patients, it is appropriate for anyone interested in preventing dental or periodontal disease in the future. We are often asked by our patients to teach what we have taught them to their families and friends. We are glad to teach anyone who is interested in achieving and maintaining periodontal and dental health. It's a skill that will have benefit for a lifetime.

Oral Hygiene Instruction is given at the first treatment visit for every periodontal patient. The effectiveness of the patient's technique is monitored, evaluated and corrected as needed, throughout their relationship with us.

For patients referred for a localized surgical treatment, effective oral hygiene is also critical for proper healing and a good result after surgery. Every patient is evaluated and instruction is provided, as needed.