Roman S Melnyk DDS

As we are pleased to able to re-open our office, things will be...Different

During the shutdown, Dr. Melnyk spent a lot of time in webinars and researching the best and safest ways to continue providing high quality periodontal therapy in the time of COVID-19. As a result, there has been a significant change in equipment and especially in protocols designed to keep YOU, the patient and US, the staff, as safe as can be:

•HEPA13 air filters (hospital grade) are placed throughout the office.
•Swiss-made, IQAir Dental suction devices for over-the-patient HEPA suction have been installed (these filters claim to be capable of filtering viruses similar to COVID-19).
•Various High Volume Evacuation devices will be routinely used, especially when aerosols are produced.
•Hypochlorous acid disinfection and cold fogging will be done with quick-acting, hospital-grade HOCL, in addition to our traditional disinfecting, especially after aerosols have been produced. This disinfectant and fogging is now being used in hospitals, airlines, cruise ships and many hotels to disinfect rooms.
•Clear partitions have been installed, where practical.

PLEASE, do NOT come to the office if you feel sick!

Our first objective, is to not allow the virus into the office in the first place. When we call to confirm your appointment, you will be asked a series of health questions or referred to the link on our website to download and fill out the Patient Advisory and Acknowledgement form. Please print this form out and bring in a signed copy with you. In order to maintain social distancing, when you arrive to our office, please call (315)733-2100 or (315)733-2127 from the parking lot. We will acknowledge your arrival and will call or text you when it is time to come in. Please come alone, if you are able, or with as few people as necessary. Exceptions to this would be if the patient is a minor accompanied by a parent/guardian or if you are coming in for a treatment consultation, and would like a direct member of your household to listen with you. We now have fewer seats in our reception room. Guests will not be allowed to wait in the reception room, under normal circumstances. Please wear a mask or face covering while in the office. Upon entering, please make use of the hand sanitizer on the counter. Our staff member will take a touch-less temperature and will review the Patient Advisory and Acknowledgement form upon your arrival. When indicated, consents, pre-treatment and/or post-treatment instructions will be given and reviewed. When we can and when fees are known in advance, we will request financial transactions be completed before proceeding with treatment. In many cases, we may even be able to make follow-up appointments. Our goal is to make the check-in and check-out processes as safe and efficient as possible for you.

When you are ready for your appointed treatment, the Hygienist or Assistant will escort you to the appropriate treatment room. We ask that, unless treatment is being provided, you wear your mask over your nose and mouth at all times while you are in the office. You will notice that all treatment providers will be dressed differently than in the past, with more gowning and masking being the most obvious. Also, when appropriate, there will also be more aggressive control of aerosols with various high volume suction devices employed, in an attempt to make the treatment as safe for you, the staff and for the next patient. When your treatment is completed, you will be escorted to the front desk or exit. Appointment times will be staggered, where practical, to minimize the number of patients present in the front desk/reception areas at one time. Between patients, the treatment rooms and patient areas will be thoroughly wiped downed, cleaned and disinfected. All of this will likely take more time, therefore, we ask that you be patient with us. We anticipate that there will be a few bumps in the road as we adapt to all of these changes.
We value you as our patient and are trying our best to make our office as safe as possible. While we have always tried to create a friendly and welcoming environment in our office, we realize that many of these changes may make it more clinical and impersonal. We will do our best to overcome this. It is our hope that in time, some of these “over the top” protocols can be eased.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Dr. Roman Melnyk and Staff