Oral Hygiene Instruction

Most gum and dental disease is preventable...if YOU know how. In our experience, most patients we see, do not know proper and effective brushing and oral hygiene techniques (which goes a long way towards explaining why they are being seen in our practice). Most people THINK they know how, but in practice, leave disease-causing dental plaque behind. This video explains our practice's Oral Hygiene Instruction Program which we teach to all of our patients with periodontal problems. DISCLAIMER: Although these techniques are applicable to almost anyone who wants to establish and maintain good oral health, if you have un-diagnosed or untreated periodontal (gum) disease, suddenly implementing these techniques can lead to improved appearance of the gums, but giving a false sense of security that things are better than they actually are and thus leading to a silent worsening of the existing problems. Therefore, please DO NOT implement these techniques before being examined by a dentist or periodontist and getting clearance to do so.